The March edition of Supply Chain Digital is here

By Freddie Pierce
TheMarch edition of Supply Chain Digitalis hot off the digital press, just click in the top right hand corner of this page to peruse our offerings. REM...

The March edition of Supply Chain Digital is hot off the digital press, just click in the top right hand corner of this page to peruse our offerings.


It appears we have a recurring theme: the supply chain world is responding to news coming from all corners that we are exiting the global recession.

Good news, right? Time to loosen those belts and return to the good ol’ days. Well, as this edition shows, it may not be that simple...

There will be a number of difficult choices facing companies that have been successful – or not – in implementing streamlined procedures and ‘Lean’ methodology during the downturn.

Our lead article this month shows that supplier collaboration and synchronisation will be key for both camps. A return to in-house at the expense of outsourcing, while a seemingly obvious choice, may not be the answer.

It is, above all, vital that companies do not forget the lessons learnt these past seven years. The amnesia that a return to good times is wont to elicit must be avoided at all costs and as things pick up, the strong will be those that remember the fundamentals and continue to use and advance the tools and capabilities developed in the hard times.

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This issue of tools and capabilities is reflected in our analysis of a situation in air cargo, where technology at customs clearance is helping drive economic growth in emerging economies by speeding up airport clearance processes.

We then feature two industry experts’ contrasting views on best practice in procurement and take a look at Lean Sigma, discovering who should and should not be afraid of it.

Don’t forget our Top 10, this month it is supply chain associations. Some you know, others you may not.

Bring on the good times.

Joseph Wilkes



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