JD Logistics: enabling smart supply chain solutions

By Sean Galea-Pace
Following JD.com’s launch of China’s first 5G-powered smart logistics park in the country, Supply Chain Digital takes a closer look at the company...

Following JD.com’s launch of China’s first 5G-powered smart logistics park in the country, Supply Chain Digital takes a closer look at the company.

As China’s largest online retailer, JD.com is considered the one-stop e-commerce platform in the country. Providing more than 320mn active customers with direct access to an unrivalled number of authentic, high-quality products that help leading local and international brands delve into China’s fast-growing e-commerce market.

Its logistics division, JD Logistics, leverages the firm’s advanced technology and logistics expertise to provide smart supply chain and logistics services to businesses across a range of industries. Operating the largest fulfillment infrastructure of any e-commerce company worldwide, JD.com operated “23 Asia No.1” logistics parks, which are among the largest and most automated smart fulfillment centres in Asia. The firm operates a network of around 600 warehouses, with a total of 15mn sq.m. 


JD Logistics is focused on developing the smartest, most efficient logistics systems possible, and is leveraging its Big Data resources, information systems and know-how in the Chinese market. The company values innovation and believes that technology can drive the future of smart logistics. Having built its first fully-automated warehouse in Shanghai, the company is currently in development of automatic delivery robots.

Following the launch of China’s first 5G-powered smart logistics park in Beijing, the bandwidth offered by 5G will significantly increase the efficiency of its IIoT fulfillment capabilities on a large scale, while also allowing instant communication between human employees and smart machines. “The launch of JD’s 5G-powered smart logistics park - the first of its kind - is an exciting step in the realisation of the Industrial Internet of Things at scale,” commented Wenming Zhe, chief architect of logistics R&D, head of 5G-powered smart logistics park projects at JD Logistics. “The low latency, high speed and ability to support a broad spectrum of simultaneous connections provided by 5G network creates an unprecedented level of real-time connectivity, significantly improving the efficiency of JD’s fulfilment operations, which is key to providing the best customer service in the business.”

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