Inside Amazon’s fulfilment centres

By Georgia Wilson
Supply Chain Digital takes a closer look at Amazon’s fulfillment centre following its recent expansion into Auburndale, Florida. Multinational techno...

Supply Chain Digital takes a closer look at Amazon’s fulfillment centre following its recent expansion into Auburndale, Florida.

Multinational technology giant, Amazon, currently has over 110 fulfillment buildings worldwide. It’s agile logistics network at its core, is comprised of six different build types.


Typically around 800,000 square feet, Amazon associates in this building pick, pack and ship small deliveries, such as books and toys. To ensure they remain efficient, Amazon has developed innovative robotics to work alongside its associates to help continuously improve customer experience.

2. Non-sortable

Variable in size, this building can range from 600,000 to 1,000,000 square feet and is where large items are picked, packed and shipped such as furniture, rugs and outdoor equipment. 

3. Sortation centers

The powerhouse for providing customers with its fast delivery service. The sortation center is where customer orders are sorted by final destination and consolidated onto the truck for fast and efficient delivery.


4. Receive centers

The hub for large order types. Slightly smaller in size at 600,000 square feet, receive centers support other fulfilment centers by taking in bulk orders of quick sell items and distributing them among the network.  

5. Specialty

A sub, supporting fulfilment center for specific categories of items that are seasonal or are more likely to sell at peak times. 

6. Delivery station

The preparation zone for last-mile delivery of customer orders. 

Amazon has 250,000 associates worldwide in its fulfilment centres, as a result of its new centre in Auburndale, Florida Amazon will create 500 news full time jobs adding to the 13,500 that are currently employed in Florida. 

“We are excited to join the Auburndale community and create more than 500 new, full-time jobs with industry-leading pay and benefits at our newest fulfillment center in the state,” said Alicia Boler Davis, Amazon’s vice president of global customer fulfillment. “Florida has been a source of exceptional talent for Amazon and the Sunshine state is an ideal location to provide great selection, competitive prices and superfast shipping speeds to Floridians.”

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Image source: Amazon


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