DHL’s Decade of Powering Logistics in Formula E

DHL is in the midst of delivering the 10th season of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, offering cutting-edge sustainable logistics and much more

Formula E goes from strength to strength, achieving a 40% growth in cumulative TV viewership across the opening four rounds of the 2023/24 season and a 44% increase in social media impressions. 

In fact, before the season even began, organisers declared it had become the fourth-most popular motorsport in the world thanks to its 2022/23 viewing figures, taking it past NASCAR. 

It’s little wonder, then, that Formula E can rely upon a host of big-name partners to ensure proceedings run smoothly – not least the logistics powerhouse DHL

Now in their 10th year of partnership, DHL is in the midst of delivering the 10th season of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, offering cutting-edge sustainable logistics, utilising multimodal transport solutions, including both ocean and road freight, and maximising efficiency. 

For the past three seasons, a significant focus has been on increasing the use of biofuels in road and ocean freight, resulting in a substantial reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. 

This practice is set to continue in forthcoming seasons, while plans are in motion to introduce additional sustainable logistics solutions in the near future as part of DHL and Formula E’s ‘Together Green’ initiative. 

DHL transports Formula E to cities worldwide

As Formula E’s official founding and logistics partner, DHL has been integral to the world's first all-electric motorsport championship since 2014.

Leveraging 40 years of global motorsport experience, DHL has played a crucial role in bringing the championship to cities worldwide, offering fans the opportunity to enjoy the excitement of Formula E while championing the message of sustainability.

Under the meticulous coordination of DHL Global Forwarding Motorsport teams in Italy and Japan, the teams handled international and domestic transportation, ensuring seamless customs clearance for all vehicles and equipment entering and leaving Japan. 

Ensuring everything runs like clockwork, the teams’ duties extend way beyond transporting. They manage various responsibilities, including trucking, documentation management, on-site coordination and supervising all ad-hoc shipments. 

“DHL is proud to be the driving force behind the sustainable transportation of Formula E cargo,” comments Manuela Gianni, Head of Motorsports Italy at DHL Global Forwarding.

“Our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and Formula E’s, while ensuring the smooth delivery of all the essentials for these thrilling races, remains unwavering.

“Together, we're paving the way for a greener future in motorsports logistics.”

DHL has been supporting Formula E since 2014. Picture: DHL

Advocating a greener future

The ongoing Formula E calendar consists of 16 races held in 10 iconic cities worldwide, including Tokyo for the first time. The season got under way in Mexico City in January and will draw to a close in London this July. 

Across the course of the season, DHL is set to cover around 60,000 miles, transporting around 400 tonnes of crucial freight every race including race cars, batteries, charging units and broadcast equipment, as well as marketing and hospitality materials.

In addition to providing logistical support, in Japan DHL is working on local initiatives such as scaling the use of EVs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions at logistics facilities, while building operationally carbon-neutral buildings. 

In addition, it assists with customers' decarbonisation efforts through joint workshops and the service offering of GoGreen Plus, which utilises sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) and sustainable marine fuels (SMF).

“As we strive for a greener future, DHL remains committed to pursuing sustainable logistics,” adds Tony Khan, President and Representative Director of DHL Express Japan. “This includes the adoption of EVs to our operations and implementing carbon-neutral practices within our logistics facilities.”


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