How DHL’s activity within motorsport brings commercial benefit

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DHL is the leading motorsport logistics provider with a presence throughout the biggest championships on the planet. You may have seen the familiar red...

DHL is the leading motorsport logistics provider with a presence throughout the biggest championships on the planet. You may have seen the familiar red and yellow at race circuits around the world as DHL sponsors the likes of Formula One and MotoGP.

The brand has been involved in motorsport for more than 30 years and has become one of the most recognisable logistics providers. It’s the brand that makes sure some of the biggest motoring events in the world go off without a hitch.

Brand reputation

The brand value in partnering with teams and race series across the world is huge. Not only is the DHL brand seen by the millions of people attending races each year but each series – especially Formula One – has huge television viewing figures too.

Being seen as the logistics provider for motorsport means that others within the industry pay attention. Arjan Sissing, Senior Vice President, Corporate Brand Marketing, Deutsche Post DHL Group said: “We are the leading motorsports logistics provider, with over 30 years of experience in supporting the global logistics requirements of elite motorsports championships. This has meant that we have been able to generate commercial benefits both directly – through our logistics services to the championships and teams – and indirectly – through relationships that we have been able to build with other partners and suppliers of the sports and also with the broader automotive community.”

Employee engagement

Without its employees, a logistics company such as DHL would be nothing. This is why the brand invests heavily in employee engagement, making it a great place to work. Partnerships with racing series and teams not only promotes the DHL brand to the world but also to the people who work there.

Customer engagement

Being a large part of the motorsport scene gives DHL the chance to engage with fans and customers through motorsport. For those who might not be interested in simple stories about logistics, the motorsport angle adds a glamourous edge that makes it more accessible to the general press.

Content marketing

DHL’s efforts in the motorsport arena also means that it has plenty of opportunity for various forms of content. From written articles about each race – posted on its dedicated DHL in Motion website – through to video and photo content shared across social media and distributed to the press.

Sissing added: “All of our motorsports partnerships – ranging from Formula 1® and Formula E to MotoGP – have delivered tremendous value across a range of metrics, from brand reputation to employee engagement.”

Motorsport sponsorship works well at these elite levels but smaller brands sponsoring teams in series such as the British Touring Car Championship and VW Racing Cup can see benefit too. The Clever Baggers, who sponsor 16-year-old VW Cup driver Damani Marcano, have seen an increase in turnover of 11% over 2015.

Sponsoring any sport, team or athlete can offer huge benefits to a business if it’s approached correctly. Getting the partnership right is so important so time should be taken to research the sport or event that will benefit your brand the most.


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