BMW Group: driving zero emissions within its logistics

By Georgia Wilson
Supply Chain Digital takes a closer look at what BMW Group'srecent sustainability commitments. When it comes to BMW Group’s international network and...

Supply Chain Digital takes a closer look at what BMW Group's recent sustainability commitments.

When it comes to BMW Group’s international network and its global distribution of vehicles, maritime transport is crucial. As a result, the group has joined the ‘Getting to Zero Coalition’ alliance that is strive to accelerate decarbonisation within the maritime shipping industry.

Current core sustainability goals of BMW Group:

  • Reduce emissions in new European vehicles at least 50% by 2020

  • By 2020 change mobility patterns in metropolitan areas by introducing integrated mobility services.

  • Reduce by 45% the consumption of resources per vehicle by 2020

  • Significantly increase supply chain transparency and resource efficiency by 2020

  • Preserve health, performance, long term development and diversity among employees

This week BMW Group expanded its commitments to make transport logistics along its entire value chain more sustainable, by joining the ‘Getting to Zero Coalition’. The Getting to Zero Coalition is a joint partnership between the Global Maritime Forum, the Friends of Ocean Action and the World Economic Forum.


What does BMW Group’s recent commitments include?

  • Decarbonisation of its logistics

  • Continuing to push its sustainability strategy

  • Using resource-friendly production methods 

  • Further developing electric mobility

“We see the Getting to Zero Coalition of various governments, companies and other cross-sector stakeholders as a unique opportunity to continuously minimise carbon emissions in the maritime sector as well,” emphasises Jürgen Maidl, Senior Vice President Production Network and Supply Chain Management at the BMW Group. “We are delighted to be the first carmaker to join this coalition and thus lead the way towards more sustainability.”

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Image source: BMW Group


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