Walmart: investing in fresh produce supply chains

By Georgia Wilson
In a constant battle to modernise and standardise the supply chain industry, Walmarthas joined Flipkartto invest in India’s fresh produce supply chain...

In a constant battle to modernise and standardise the supply chain industry, Walmart has joined Flipkart to invest in India’s fresh produce supply chain.

What is Walmart and Flipkart’s investment strategy? 

Walmart and Flipkart have developed a joint strategic investment in Ninjacart, a disruptive startup B2B supply chain infrastructure and technology solutions provider. With this partnership the three aim to ensure better access to high-quality fresh produce for retailers and consumers as well as increasing economic opportunities for farmers in India.

The joint investment is beneficial for all parties involved. With Walmart and Flipkart strengthening their direct sourcing of fresh produce, while Ninjacart will expand its customer base reaching new markets and gaining exposure. 

Who is Ninjacart?

Ninjacart was founded in 2015. The company uses sophisticated algorithms - built in house - and leverages Big Data, predictive analytics, mobile applications and IoT to provide a just-in-time supply chain. 


Ninjacart in figures:

Collection centers: 200

Warehouses: 1,200

Fresh produce moved: 1,400 tons (per day)

Farmer suppliers: 44,000

Customer base: 60,000 stores and restaurants in seven cities

Ninjacart, boasts 100% traceability along the supply chain, with food waste down to 1% compared with 35% food waste in traditional supply chains.

“Ninjacart wants to make food safer and more accessible, while ensuring a fair price for everyone involved. We are excited that Flipkart and Walmart are joining us to make this vision a reality and showing confidence in our technology and business model. With their support, we see new possibilities to improve the lives of our farmers, retailers and restaurant partners,” commented Thirukumaran Nagarajan, CEO and Co-founder of Ninjacart.

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