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By Sean Galea-Pace
Having featured in Supply Chain Digital’s Top 10 Consulting Firms, we take a closer look at PwC’s services. PwC is considered one of the leading pr...

Having featured in Supply Chain Digital’s Top 10 Consulting Firms, we take a closer look at PwC’s services.

PwC is considered one of the leading professional services networks worldwide. The company has 157 offices worldwide, and employs 276,000 people.

  • In FY19, PwC provided services to 85% of the Global Fortune 500 companies and over 100,000 entrepreneurial and private businesses. 

  • 69,734 people joined PwC organisations worldwide during FY19.

  • For the year ending 30 June 2019, PwC’s global revenues were US$42.4bn.

PwC provides industry-focused services for public and private clients. Its experienced staff, in tandem with its global network, provide the support whenever it is needed, at home or abroad, whatever the size of the organisation. As one of the world’s renowned consultancies, PwC understands the importance of trust and believes that value and trust are two key ingredients of a quality relationship. The consulting firm offers expert advice and its consulting services serve a diverse range of industries, including the supply chain.

Supply chain services

A key area of focus for PwC is its supply chain services. PwC empowers its clients to monitor whether their respective supply chain and procurement approaches are fit for implementation and are agile enough for use. PwC analyses companies’ supply chain strategies in order to provide a solution to drive efficiency and optimisation. PwC can help:

  1. Remove complexity.

  2. Reduce costs.

  3. Grow revenue.

  4. Use expert insight.

To look at how PwC can help with strategic cost reduction in procurement, click here!

2022 goals

PwC measures its progress in a transparent way and has open-ended metrics and targets for all areas of its Responsible business framework. Building trust to solve important problems is central to PwC’s operations. With 2022 in mind, the company has established several key targets to meet. 

Fair and trusted business:

  • Commercial integration - to have sustainability criteria included in 80% of commercial arrangements. 

  • Human Rights - for 80% of key suppliers to have a Human Rights policy in place by 2022.

  • Social enterprise - to spend a total of £10mn with social enterprises by 2022.

Watch our video on the Top 10 Consulting Companies below!


Social mobility

  • New hires: free school meals - to increase the number of people hired eligible for free school meals to 15%.

  • Workplace experiences - to provide paid work experience places for at least 1,000 young people in total from disadvantaged backgrounds.

  • Young people skills development - to help around 25,000 young people in total develop workplace skills through programmes with schools and colleges across the UK.

  • Social enterprise - to support the development of 250 social enterprises through UK-wide PwC Social Entrepreneurs Club. 

  • Employee perception - for more than 80% of people to ‘agree’ or ‘strongly agree’ to encourage social mobility, in the “Youmatter” survey.

Community contribution

  • Time spent volunteering - to contribute 250,000 hours in total.

  • Skills-based volunteering - for 50% of volunteering hours to harness professional skills.

  • Proportion volunteering - for over 25% of people to participate in volunteering activities.

  • Employee perception - for more than 80% of people to ‘agree’ or ‘strongly agree’ that community initiatives such as encouraging positive societal change in PwC’s “Youmatter” survey.

Low carbon and circular business

  • Total carbon emissions - to reduce total carbon emissions by 40% from its 2007 baseline.

  • Travel carbon - to decrease business travel emissions by 33% per FTE from 2007 baseline.

  • Energy - to maintain energy consumption at 50% below 2007 baseline.

  • Renewable energy - to acquire 100% of electricity from verified renewable sources, which eliminates its scope 2 carbon emissions.

  • Carbon neutrality - to remain carbon neutral by offsetting 100% of total scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions every year.

  • Key suppliers with carbon targets - for 80% of key suppliers to have carbon reduction targets.

Circular business

  • Paper - to reduce the amount of paper consumed in tonnes by 80% from its 2007 baseline.

  • Water - to decrease the amount of water consumed in cubic metres by 50% from its 2007 baseline.

  • Waste - to reduce the amount of waste generated in tonnes by 75% by its 2007 baseline.

  • Recycling - to reuse and recycle 80% of its waste, decreasing the amount that is incinerated.

  • Landfill - to maintain zero waste to landfill status.

Employee perception - for more than 80% of people ‘agree’ or ‘strongly agree’ about environmental initiatives to drive positive change in the “Youmatter” survey.

For more information about PwC’s business, click here.

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