Outsourcing a major issue in GOP nomination race

By Freddie Pierce
With the 2012 election just around the corner, the candidacy to represent the Republican Party is heating up, with names like Michele Bachmann, Ron Pau...

With the 2012 election just around the corner, the candidacy to represent the Republican Party is heating up, with names like Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul and Mit Romney making headlines.

It looks as though outsourcing is going to become a major topic discussion among the GOP party leaders, many of which participated in Saturday’s Iowa Straw Poll, a Republican fundraiser that’s viewed as a barometer of sorts for a candidate’s viability.

With a slumping economy and stubborn unemployment rates gripping the nation, adding jobs and stimulating the United States’ economy is perhaps the biggest issue surrounding the GOP.

Republican candidates will have to find a way to reach their supporters to find a solution to the outsourcing topic. What’s troubling is that a recent Gallup Poll found that 25 percent of Americans believe the best way to create jobs in the U.S. is to stop outsourcing.

That recent poll in March of this year jumped up in a big way from the previous poll, which found that 18 percent believed outsourcing was a problem.


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Even if outsourcing is taking away jobs from the United States, a San Jose Mercury News report revealed that Indian companies have created thousands of jobs within the United States, and that immigrant entrepreneurs have created companies that employ 200,000 American people.

As Firstpost notes, there isn’t an easy fix to the outsourcing issue.

“As campaigning for the Republican primaries heats up, the high-skilled immigration debate will rear its head again, and so will charged and at times uninformed rhetoric about the perils of outsourcing and ‘sending jobs overseas,’” writes Bernice Yeung.

“Given the increasingly international flow of workers and capital, efforts that merely focus on outsourcing is an antiquated way of looking at job creation.”

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