New Exiger solution 'will stop CSCOs drowning in data'

AI supply chain solutions specialist Exiger launches new platform to give end-to-end value chain visibility and help prevent CSCOs 'drowning in data'

Supply chain AI solutions provider Exiger has launched a new supply chain platform. 

1Exiger brings together the company’s suite of AI solutions on a single platform, and provides “an end-to-end supply chain resilience environment that's designed to empower confident, auditable and rapid decisions informed by real-time insights”, the company says.

Exiger specialises in ESG, cyber, financial crime, third-party and supply chain management. It says 1Exiger – which brings together a corporate and supply chain dataset and data partner network – is “democratising supply chain insights and decision-making”. 

The solution’s risk scoring and thresholding capability is designed to be accessible to everyone, it says, regardless of experience or expertise. It is also designed to:

  • Enable more collaborative decision-making
  • Empower procurement professionals
  • Provide visibility to compliance stakeholders who supervise risk

1Exiger rolls out to the public sector this month and commercial markets in October. 

The company plans to scale the solution over the next decade as the supply chain, geopolitical, economic and risk landscape evolves.

Supply chain chiefs 'drowning in data'

"Supply chain officers, procurement officers, CISOs, compliance leaders and counterintelligence officers are drowning in a deluge of risk alerts and data," says Exiger CEO Brandon Daniels

"We've invested over the last two years to develop a seamless, intuitive solution to this problem. 

“We're creating a single operating picture that automates decision flows, highlights only relevant insights and empowers users to make decisions within policy without fear of missing risk. 

“This is a revolutionary departure from what's available in the market today and it's going to transform the way companies make decisions."

Exiger Chief Product Officer Brendan Galla says: "When we embarked on this process our goal was to create a customer experience that didn't feel like using a business platform or one of these AI black boxes, but instead felt more like using your favourite consumer-facing app

"Our customers were excited to contribute to the process and their feedback allowed us to design user journeys tailored to how they use Exiger's tools on the job."


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