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By Matt High
Lief Labs is a leading innovator in product ideation and formulation for the dietary supplement market. The company is driven by a passion for collabo...

Lief Labs is a leading innovator in product ideation and formulation for the dietary supplement market.

The company is driven by a passion for collaboration, maintains a drive to offer only the best ingredients and possesses an innovative and adaptable mindset.

The business has formulated more than 1,000 products for a host of dietary supplement categories and worked with industry leaders across several industries. One of those companies is Golden Hippo, a leader in direct-to-consumer marketing.

Lief Labs has enjoyed a mutually productive relationship with Golden Hippo for about five years. This has included many aspects of Lief’s operations, including product development, product testing, R&D and supply chain management. 

Since Golden Hippo’s supply chain transformation in 2018, which was featured in the latest edition of Supply Chain Digital magazine, this aspect of Lief’s partnership has grown in importance and evolved in order to meet the challenges of Golden Hippo and all of our customers.

World class supply chain

Today, Lief’s world class supply chain operation encompasses sourcing hundreds of ingredients from a dozen countries and a quality control system that is a standout in the industry. 

“The key to successful supply chain management is maintaining a consistent flow of quality ingredients without interruption that our customers can rely on”, says Jeohvan Montoya, Lief’s director of supply chain management.

“The challenges of sourcing ingredients are numerous and include weather, crop shortages, plant shutdowns and, more recently, tariffs”, Montoya notes, “which means we have to be prepared to buy from many countries, buy in bulk and warehouse it in the US.” 

Just recently, there was a shortage of the herb rhodiola, an ingredient used in many supplements manufactured by Lief, but as a result of careful sourcing, none of Lief’s customers experienced shortages. That’s because Lief sources every ingredient from at least three approved suppliers.

“Golden Hippo can be confident that its flow of about 30 SKUs from Lief will not be interrupted and lead times are actually significantly improved because our west coast warehouse has a 90-day supply of ingredients,” Montoya added. “While our logistics assures that our customers receive the best pricing, at the end of the day, we are value driven,” he said.

To read the full Golden Hippo feature, click here!

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