KPMG: Building Supply Chains For A Digital World

By Jack Grimshaw
Digital disruption continues to transform the world and the way businesses work every day, and supply chains are no exception to this...

Increased product choice, new innovative conveniences such as click and collect, and even same-day deliveries in some scenarios, along with full order visibility, have all revolutionised the supply chain. With personalised, on-demand entertainment and more available to consumers, demand and expectation has never been higher or more difficult to manage for businesses.

In order to continue meeting these ever-changing customer needs, businesses need to build effective digital roadmaps. By creating all-encompassing, successful plans, companies can drive increasing returns on investment (ROI) in supply chains almost fourfold. 

A KPMG report has taken an in-depth look into the benefits of beginning a digital transformation journey, and detailed steps on how to begin that journey. We’ve taken a look at the report here to break it down and learn more.

The challenge when creating a digital roadmap is knowing where to even begin with the process. Digital operations provide opportunities to innovate across the supply chain, but having an effective impact on operations can be difficult. One of the very first things that must be established is that organisations have to do everything with their overall performance ambitions and brand promises in mind, or they will face a very quick failure.

As an example to any business looking to innovate operations, Alibaba should be held in high regard. By building a long-term, customer-focused strategy with performance at its centre, Alibaba has successfully distanced itself from the competition by delivering truly innovative operations through a transformative journey. 

Around the world, companies on both a global and regional scale are working at completely different stages in their digital evolutions. Some are leading the way, like Alibaba, acting as digital pioneers and leading the way, whilst others follow a lead and educate themselves based on the successes of previously effective transformations.

Very few companies will even have the capability to begin a transformation, better yet implement an effective journey that yields results. Support is essential for organisations from the word go when building effective strategies.

Long-term partnerships, entire ecosystems, and more will all be transformed throughout this journey, so organisations will have to lean on the expertise of others to ensure a smooth transition into digital processes.

It is clear that adopting and embracing new digital technologies in a supply chain is becoming increasingly important to success, but ensuring it is properly implemented is crucial. From optimisation to entire transformations, digital solutions can have this impact on operations.

Learn more here.


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