Intel: simplifying complex supply chains

By Georgia Wilson
Multinational tech company Intel, invites the supply chain ecosystem to join the company in building secure and simplified supply chain systems. Transp...

Multinational tech company Intel, invites the supply chain ecosystem to join the company in building secure and simplified supply chain systems.

Transparency and simplicity are on the tip of everyone’s tongue within the supply chain industry. This week Intel announced it is stepping up to take the challenge of simplifying the complex ecosystem with the introduction of its Compute Lifecycle Assurance Initiative.

“We have tackled big, complex problems like this before and we are doing it again. Intel has already taken several important steps toward supply chain transparency. We actively led and collaborated with the industry to influence policies and processes concerning the use of conflict-free minerals - not only for Intel products - but across the industry. In addition, we have already developed a set of policies and procedures at our own factories to validate where and when every component of a server was manufactured. These examples represent an important beginning, and there is more that can be done,” comments Intel.


With this initiative Intel aims to provide a full range of tools and solutions that drive a lifetime of integrity throughout a supply chain company’s platform. 

Over the next year Intel has committed to:

  • Investing in tools and processes to improve the integrity of its computing products across its four key lifecycle stages - build, transfer, operate and retire

  • Evolve with customer needs, learning from experience and analysis of data

  • Develop innovation to enhance data access, while maintaining confidentiality across the platform lifecycle

“The industry needs an end-to-end framework that can be applied across this multiyear life of any platform, which is our goal for the Compute Lifecycle Assurance Initiative - to substantially improve transparency and to provide higher levels of assurance that improve integrity, resilience and security during the entire platform lifecycle.”

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