An End-to-End Customer Experience Platform for LSP Customers

Enhancing customer experience and supply chain management for freight forwarding companies & customs brokers at Logixboard

Logixboard is a platform dedicated to enhancing customer experiences for the clients of LSPs. The goal is to offer LSP clients improved visibility and self-serve insights through a comprehensive platform that unifies all workflows.

“There's been a lot of pressure coming in over the last six years from shippers, to freight forwarders and customs brokers, to provide better visibility online,” explains Julian Alvarez, the CEO and Co-founder of Logixboard.

According to Alvarez, their platform ensures full visibility throughout the shipment lifecycle, from bookings to warehouse order management. It extracts data from their TMS and displays the client's critical information, enabling these LSPs to offer more enhanced services.

“Whether it's moving through the ocean, air, trucking, or on a rail,” explains Alvarez. “We track from the beginning to the invoicing.”

Logixboard allows its customers’ clients to create jobs or request bookings to their LSP directly through their online platform. With its swift implementation process, Logixboard helps its customers get up and running quickly with direct support onboarding clients onto the platform.

“Typically, within three weeks we can provide better solutions to our customers and the market that they're serving.”

Logixboard supports its' customers in increasing operational efficiency, winning new deals, and retaining current customers. By delivering impactful digital experiences that improve overall service offerings, Logixboard aids its customers in growing their existing client base and thriving in this highly competitive market.

“It's about working out how we help these customers gain new business and attract new customers,” Alvarez said. “How do we help them expand into their existing customer base by delighting them and offering them a better service than other competitors?”

Helping clients operate more efficiently

LSPs spend a significant amount of time and effort providing visibility to their clients regarding the whereabouts of their goods. Managing this involves a maze of phone calls, emails, spreadsheets, and manual tasks. That's where Logixboard helps streamline the entire process, leveling up how communications and steps are managed.

“We're able to take all the data that a freight forwarding company has, complemented with third-party data, and put that online so that their customers can access it in real-time.” explains Alvarez. 

Logixboard aims to empower operators to focus on high-impact tasks that drive the business forward, leaving the repetitive and automatable tasks to their digital solutions.

One of these successful collaborations has been with Fracht, a partnership that naturally clicked from the beginning. "It's been a phenomenal partnership. In our two years of working together, Fracht has played a crucial role in shaping our product roadmap," Alvarez shares.

Looking ahead, Logixboard aims to bring any and all underlying systems together into one seamless customer experience. "We envision providing a single, unified customer experience,” Alvarez reveals, “a single pane of glass where clients can effortlessly manage their entire supply chain in one place.”

The next 12 months hold exciting growth as Logixboard works relentlessly towards this vision.

Read the full digital Fracht USA report here


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