Beroe: Powering Smarter Sourcing Decisions in Procurement

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Vel Dhinagaravel, Founder and CEO at Beroe, explains how the company became a trusted source of intelligence for procurement and supply chain professionals

It would not be an exaggeration to say Beroe is solely focused on supporting the procurement and supply chain department and doesn’t deviate from this focus. 

Overall, this is achieved across three different dimensions: 

  • The markets from which companies purchase products and services;
  • The suppliers with whom they engage;
  • And the supply chains that deliver goods and services to them.

Well placed to explain this tried and tested approach in greater detail is Vel Dhinagaravel, Founder and CEO at Beroe.

“From a market perspective, we try to give our customers a deep understanding of how the market is behaving, what's happening with capacity, what's happening with supply and demand, price movements and innovation,” says Vel. 

“From a supplier perspective, it’s about what's happening from a supplier health perspective – financial health and risks around ethics – but also, from a capability and capacity perspective, what's changing with that supplier.

“From a supply chain perspective, we help customers understand the entire value chain that's contributing to the delivery of products.”

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