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Top 10: strategic benefits of IoT tech in supply chains

Internet of Things (IoT) benefits to supply chain include increased visibility, more collaboration, better customer service & real-time tracking of goods


Sustainability tools head 2022 supply chain trends - Gartner

Gartner identifies top supply chain trends in 2022 - including hyperautomation - that are helping CSCOs deliver automation, intelligence and resilience


An IoT timeline - from Kevin Ashton & MIT to digital twins

The supply chain industry is extremely reliant on data, at the heart of which is the Internet of Things (IoT), first used in an 80s Coke vending machine


Top 10: Extreme weather & supply chain resilience strategies

Supplier collaboration, a strong tech ecosystem, supply chain mapping, scenario planning and reshoring can protect supply chains against extreme weather

Top 10 inflation-busting cost controls in supply chain

Finding supply chain cost controls is a way to offset increasing production and logistics costs, with procurement being key to find value chain savings


Top benefits of supplier performance-management solutions

Top 10 supplier performance-management (SPM) solutions include enhanced supply performance, aligned KPIs and more vendor innovation & accountability


Ten benefits blockchain brings to supply chains

Blockchain technology makes supply chains and sourcing more transparent, secure and efficient, and also reduces the risk of unknown ESG transgressions


Visibility, tracking & planning among 10 boons of supply IoT

Asset tracking, value chain visibility, and stronger supplier relations among top 10 benefits of Internet of Things (IoT) use in modern supply chains