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Ten benefits blockchain brings to supply chains

Blockchain technology makes supply chains and sourcing more transparent, secure and efficient, and also reduces the risk of unknown ESG transgressions


Visibility, tracking & planning among 10 boons of supply IoT

Asset tracking, value chain visibility, and stronger supplier relations among top 10 benefits of Internet of Things (IoT) use in modern supply chains


FedEx Express, UPS, DHL & Qatar Air top air freight list

FedEx Express Freight, UPS Air Cargo, DHL Aviation, Qatar Airways Cargo, Emirates & Cathay Pacific lead top-ten list of air freight companies


Deloitte, UST & Tata head top 10 supply consulting firms

Deloitte, UST, Tata, Accenture, EY, McKinsey & PwC top the list of ten global consultancy firms that help organisations grow and streamline


Top ten food & drink shortages - from booze to baby milk

With news McDonalds hasn't enough tomatoes for its burgers, we look at some eye-catching supply chain problems to have affected the food & drinks sector


Sustainability and omnichannel top supply chain trends list

As supply chain evolves in the face of pandemic-driven changes and political instability, sustainability & omnichannel top the list of 10 supply trends

UPS, Amazon & FedEx top North America logistics firms chart

UPS, Amazon, FedEx, XPO, CH Robinson, JB Hunt and Union Pacific lead the way in top 10 list of largest logistics companies in North America

A sea shipping timeline - from containers to supertankers

Sea shipping has come a long way since the first container ships were launched in the 1920. Today's firms, like Maersk & Nippon Yusen, are a world apart