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Havi & Infor lead way in top 10 uses of AI in supply chain

Havi, Infor, Echo,,, & Coupa lead way in AI businesses helping supply chain overcome disruption through digital transformation

Top Ten: Supply game changers - from Industry 4.0 to Covid

The pandemic, sustainability, blockchain - and a raft of Industry 4.0 techs like IoT - are changing the face of supply chain forever

Top 10 Tips to Operate a Sustainable Supply Chain

COP26 has highlighted the importance of sustainability, read the ten ways that you can operate a sustainable supply chain, with reference to ShipERP's blog

Top 10 eCommerce companies

Especially since COVID-19 took the world by storm, the demand for online commerce has risen massively, we take a look at the top ten eCommerce companies

Top 10 Sustainable Supply Chain Initiatives

Sustainability begins in the supply chain, informing better practices to reduce our impact on the environment and promote brighter prospects for business


Top 10 Source-to-Pay Providers

As the role of procurement evolves, so too must tools like Source-to-pay (S2P) platforms - but in a sea of competition, which are the standout providers...