Hyundai Improve Smart Logistics Solutions With Korea Telecom

By Jack Grimshaw
Hyundai Construction Equipment is progressing the capabilities of its smart logistics solutions by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU...

The MoU will allow Hyundia Construction Equipment to utilise KT’s 5G communication network and its artificial intelligence (AI) technology to improve its logistics capabilities. Ten officials were in attendance to witness the signing of the agreement for smart construction equipment and material handling.

The agreement will enable the combination of the two companies’ technologies, with the autonomous vehicle technology of Hyundai Construction Equipment and the information and communication technologies of KT working together. The aim of the partnership will be to provide the global market with advanced smart logistics solutions.

Hyundai Construction Equipment was the first company in Korea to develop and launch driverless, autonomous forklift trucks, and the MoU will help to improve the remote management and level of control of these autonomous forklift trucks. The trucks will also benefit from a remote service system, operated by an artificial intelligence voice control solution, video, and augmented reality (AR).

The forklift technology of Hyundai Construction Equipment uses state-of-the-art technology, autonomously recognising the environment it’s in, and the obstacles in the workplace, to accurately and safely navigate through the best and most efficient routes on its own. This solution significantly improves and increases productivity, with enhanced navigational speed and efficient use of logistics within the workplace.

By carrying work out along a clearly planned out and defined route, the risk of workplace incidents or accidents is significantly reduced. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has also led to a surge in demand for no-contact solutions within the supply chain, with social distancing being put in place in factories and workplaces around the world.

Kong Ki-young, president of Hyundai CE, said, “A large number of officials from the automobiles and electronics companies attended our recent demonstration of autonomous forklifts held at the Eumseong Global Logistics Center in Chungbuk, and their wishes for introducing the technology demonstrated, have been pouring in.”

“In addition to autonomous forklifts, we will supply the entire logistics solution covering the control system, charging facilities, warehouse management system (WMS), and manufacturing execution system (MES) to lead the market.”

Jeon Hong-beom, vice president of KT, also said, “This cooperation will be a springboard, to advance material handling using the new technologies, such as 5G and AI, and we expect this innovation in manufacturing and logistics fields to become a reality. KT will continue to push ahead with digital transformation of Korean industries by use of our ICT capabilities.”

KT is continuing to work closely with the Hyundai Heavy Industries Group to improve and upgrade its smart factory and smart shipyard business, combining its 5G, big data and AI technologies with Hyundai’s robot development technology and shipbuilding technology. 


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