TGW launches KingDrive conveyor technology

By Freddie Pierce
Follow @SamJermy Follow @SupplyChainD Automated warehouse solution provider TGW has announced the launch of its new KingDrive conveyor solution, offer...


Automated warehouse solution provider TGW has announced the launch of its new KingDrive conveyor solution, offering warehouse ‘Plug and Play’ functionality and ultra-quiet operation.

The technology has been designed specifically to handle plastic tote bins and cartons at high speed with a maximum payload of 50kgs. It has been developed by TGW Mechanics – TGW’s manufacturing subsidiary – in response to customer demand for a long lasting, highly efficient conveyor system that can be adapted as their needs change.

KingDrive Technology works by breaking down the transportation line into small sections that function independently and also as a unified entity. Intelligent communication between the rollers and controls means the system can adapt and react to allow a variety of goods with variable dimensions to be conveyed and accumulated.

In addition to the drive for greater flexibility, TGW determined that a gearless motorised roller was the answer to the customer’s requirement for low lifecycle costs. As such KingDrive Technology offers low maintenance costs, flexible speed and acceleration as well as adaptable payload characteristics in light goods conveyor systems.

Lifecycle costs are lowered further by the KingDrive’s energy performance, which is helped by only activating specific modules when needed.

German pharmaceuticals wholesaler Fiebig is one of the first users to benefit from KingDrive®Technology, with added Plug and Play functionality that allowed for a rapid installation and short commissioning time.

Jürgen Dussel, Operations Manager at Fiebig said: “We have used conveyor systems for a long period, but this was the first time that we’ve experienced the plug and play concept and it really worked for us,

“It really is a revolutionary technology compared to everything we have seen on the conveyor market so far. It is exceptionally quiet in operation, consumes far less energy than other technologies and has performed perfectly since the very first minute of operation.”

More information on the KingDrive® can be found at


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