Snowman Logistics: Delivering Leading Cold Chain Logistics

By Jack Grimshaw
Snowman Logistics is the leading temperature-controlled logistics service provider operating on a pan-India basis. We’re taking a closer look at the c...

Snowman Logistics is the leading temperature-controlled logistics service provider operating on a pan-India basis. We’re taking a closer look at the company here.

The company has temperature controlled warehouses set up adjacent to cities with significant potential for sourcing and consumption of temperature sensitive products and materials, such as foods and beverages for grocery stores.

With a capacity of 107,200 pallets, and 293 trucks making up its fleet, Snowman Logistics boasts the best-in-class infrastructure in the region, living up to the claim as India’s leading cold chain logistics provider. Snowman Logistics has also recorded almost $100mn USD in investments into its infrastructure. Keeping all of this going is the 1500 strong workforce, employed across 33 strategically located warehouses throughout the country.

Marquee investors of Snowman Logistics include: Gateway Group, Mitsubishi, IFC and more.

The company runs a state-of-the-art enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and boasts a number of certifications from numerous authorities and acts, including the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940, and the British Retail Consortium Certification. It also conducts more than 200 external audits every year.

The best-in-class infrastructure that Snowman Logistics owns contains 5 temperature zones, ranging from ambient to chilled and frozen. Temperatures can range from +25 ºC to -25 ºC in warehouses and trucks. All of this is done with sustainability in mind, with environmentally friendly refrigerators used across warehouses and in trucks.

Temperatures can be tracked 24/7 in warehouses and vehicles by the Snowman Logistics command centre, which can also track the activity of the vehicles involved. With a 100% power back up, the company can ensure it experiences 0% downtime in its multi-temperature fleet of trucks.

With customised solutions and 24/7 customer care and execution support, Snowman Logistics ensures that its customers and clients are put at the very front of its strategies. Key account managers and an ERP-driven CRM means the customers are easy to work with as a priority, whilst the inventory visibility solutions transform operations.

Speaking in regards to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the company said: "The business of Snowman Logistics Ltd (Snowman) is considered under the ‘essential services' category as per the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), and accordingly all the warehouses of the Company are functional and fully operational.”

Whilst the virus has impacted the entire world and every industry in it, providing support for the storage and distribution of essential goods is crucial, now more than ever. With increased demand for pharmaceutical products and food, Snowman Logistics has never provided such a critical service.


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