Geodis Launches US D2C Fulfilment for E-commerce Brands

Geodis eLogistics is a new service offer emerging D2C brands flexible and affordable inventory storage and e-commerce fulfilment

Geodis is entering the e-commerce fulfilment fray with a new service aimed at the growing wave of emerging direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands. 

Geodis says its new service will give new businesses and those pivoting to exploit the e-commerce boom, with access to its global expertise and scale. Launching in the US, Geodis eLogistics will offer flexible and affordable inventory storage and order fulfilment from a network of four specially designed hubs located across the contiguous States. 

The first fulfilment centre, located in Plainville, Indiana, is already fulfilling orders. Two additional hubs are under construction in New Jersey and California, and will be operational ahead of this year’s peak season. The fourth centre, in Tenessee, is expected to be up and running in the first quarter of 2022. 

Global Expertise for Regional Fulfilment 

Customers will pay only for the storage space they use, down to the cubic inch, with no contractual commitments or minimum orders. 

Eric Douglas, Executive Vice President of Technology and Engineering at GEODIS in Americas, said: “With Geodis eLogistics, we are able to utilise our global expertise with large, enterprise brands and then scale to meet the unique fulfillment needs of startups and growing e-commerce retailers through our flexible and cost-effective solution.”

From its four new hubs, Geodis will be able to provide two-day delivery to 91% of the mainland population. The centres are outfitted with cutting edge robotics and automation technology for more efficient goods-to-person order fulfillment. Geodis is also drawing on its fulfillment network and volume discounts to minimise transport costs and provide crucial visibility and tracking for deliveries. 

Geodis eLogistics is integrated with e-commerce platform Shopify at launch, with plans to expand to other leading marketplaces in the near future. 


Competition in D2C Fulfilment Heats Up 

Geodis is the latest logistics leader to repackage its offering for the e-commerce crowd. Across the pond, DHL Supply Chain recently launched its European Fulfilment Network (EFN), allowing SMEs to take advantage of “all of our established services in a way that is flexible and tailored to their needs”, said Hendrik Venter, CEO DHL Supply Chain MLEMEA. The EFN comprises 30 fulfilment centres across continental Europe and the UK, each offering specialisations in processing, picking, packing and shipping online orders. 



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