Boost Supply Chain Visibility with Today's Tech

Boost Supply Chain Visibility with Today's Tech - Wednesday, May 22, 2024 · 3:00 p.m.

About This Webinar

Join us for an insightful webinar exploring the pivotal role of visibility in bolstering the resilience of modern supply chains.
We’ll examine this topic through the story of Arvato, a leading logistics provider specializing in next-gen cell & gene therapies and pharmaceuticals, in this case study we shall examine how they’ve used real-time shipment visibility technology to optimize their intra-logistics operations and elevate their clients’ satisfaction.

Key takeaways:

- The significance of visibility technology as a fundamental element of digital transformation in supply chain management
- Why visibility technology is critical to ensure the resilience and efficiency of supply chains—particularly new, nascent supply chains
- How real-time shipment visibility technology has enabled Arvato to enhance its client service and optimize supply chain operations


Dennis Perjet

Head of Strategic Accounts EMEA at Tive Inc

Following his Electronics degree from the Technical University and an MBA in International Marketing from the European School of Business in Reutlingen, Dennis Perjet embarked on a dynamic career journey. With a solid foundation in both technical and business domains, Dennis honed his skills across diverse tech companies, specializing in sales and business development. His expertise caught the attention of Tive, where he commenced his tenure in 2019.


Bastian Friedrich

Head of Cell & Gene Supply Chains at Arvato

With an impressive tenure spanning 18 years at Arvato, Bastian Friedrich has established himself as a pivotal figure in the company's landscape. Currently serving as the Head of Cell & Gene Supply Chains, Bastian oversees the entire spectrum of operations, from partnership management and business development to client implementation and operational scalability. His multifaceted role involves orchestrating end-to-end solutions, leveraging his extensive experience in business transformation and international project management. Bastian's leadership and strategic vision have been instrumental in driving Arvato's success in the dynamic and rapidly evolving field of cell and gene supply chains.


Neil Perry

Moderator - Group Content Director at BizClik

Date & Time

Wed 22 May - Wed 22 May, 2024

14:00 - 16:00 GMT

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