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Unleashing the Power of Agile Supply Chain Planning in Modern Business


The pace of modern business continues to accelerate, and traditional Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) processes often struggle to keep up. Historically slow and lacking in agility, these methods have hindered organizations from responding effectively to changing market dynamics. However, with the advent of generative AI, intelligent automation, data fabric, and related technologies, a new era of supply chain planning is dawning. By harnessing visibility across the entire supply chain, companies can now integrate real-time insights into their planning processes, enabling them to adapt and make dynamic adjustments on the fly.

Join leaders from Appian, Xebia, and BizClik Media for an insightful and timely webinar as we explore how organizations are revolutionizing their supply chain planning methodologies — moving from static S&OP to dynamic, agile processes that drive efficiency, responsiveness, and competitive advantage in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

Topics we will cover:

● Current supply chain market trends and how organizations are responding
● Understanding the importance of agile supply chain planning in modern business
● Laying the right foundation with AI, data fabric, and process automation
● An actionable blueprint for end-to-end agile supply chain planning
● A solution showcase: achieving a connected supply chain on the Appian platform


Wednesday, March 13, 2024 · 4:00 p.m. London (GMT +0:00) 



Gary Cassell

Global Manufacturing and Automotive Industry Lead, Appian

Gary Cassell is an experienced manufacturing executive with more than 23 years leading and managing operations and supply chain functions. As the Global Manufacturing and Automotive Industry Lead for Appian Corporation, Gary leads the go-to-market planning and execution for Appian’s manufacturing practice worldwide.


Harsheen Bali

Senior Manager of Solutions and Strategy, Xebia

As the Senior Manager of Solutions and Strategy, Harsheen specializes in solutionizing business use cases and tailoring customer-centric solutions. With a focus on understanding needs and pain points, she conducts thorough assessments, defines solution constructs, and outlines feature functionality.


Neil Perry

Moderator - Head of Multimedia at BizClik

Date & Time

Wed 13 Mar - Wed 13 Mar, 2024

16:00 - 19:00 GMT

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