SAP partners with Apple on digital supply chain apps

SAP announces two new mobile apps - Warehouse Operator & Direct Distribution - are available in Apple App Store, and also unveils new sustainability tools

The German multinational software company SAP is partnering with Apple to expand partnerships across digital supply chain.

Through its ongoing partnership with Apple to transform the way people work on iPhones and iPads, SAP has revealed a new suite of apps that streamline the digital supply chain and empower workers with intuitive tools. 

Two new mobile apps – SAP Warehouse Operator and SAP Direct Distribution – are now available in the Apple App Store.

The Warehouse Operator app is for SAP’s Extended Warehouse Management solution. This allows warehouse workers to complete daily tasks using location awareness and computer vision. 

iPhone can now read warehouse barcodes from SAP app

Using the built-in iPhone camera, they can also read bar codes instantly, even in low light and from a distance. Warehouse Operator can also read blurry, damaged, small, or irregular bar codes.

Direct Distribution, meanwhile, orchestrates end-to-end last-mile processes from order taking and delivery to payment. The app allows employees to select a resource to work with - a forklift, for instance - and view real-time orders associated with that resource.

In other product news, the company unveiled its Digital Manufacturing Cloud solution, which brings together the latest analytics, edge computing and automation to support end to end  manufacturing processes. 

There is also innovation around sustainability, with new Sustainable Enterprises capabilities in the SAP Cloud. An enhanced product footprint management solution, for example, helps customers reduce product carbon footprints at scale across transport and travel using live cloud connectivity.

SAP innovation around sustainability 

Chief Communications Officer Oliver Roll says: “Our new cloud and product innovations are designed to propel our customers to further success in an increasingly volatile world. 

“They will help customers build resilient supply chains, move from talk to action on sustainability, transform their business in the cloud, accelerate innovation with low-code app development and AI, and improve business results with intelligent support.

“The people who make global supply chains run are more instrumental than ever to business success. SAP and Apple are expanding their partnership to streamline the digital supply chain and empower workers with intuitive tools. 

“A new suite of apps, co-designed with Apple and built by SAP specifically to take advantage of the latest iOS innovations, will let key employees use the devices they already use every day – simplifying onboarding, decreasing the need for training, and accelerating productivity improvements.”


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