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Brad Hawkins, Senior VP Products & Solutions with ServicePower - a field-service management software firm - on why the pandemic has changed everything

Brad Hawkins is Senior VP of Products and Solutions with ServicePower

What’s your professional background? 

I started in IT 30 years ago, focusing on efficient data capture using OCR/ICR technology. That led me to a data capture company that had a client needing this expertise for warranty claims.  What we learned was we not only had to capture the data, but actually run a set of rules and validations on the data we captured to ensure proper payment to independent service providers.

 That brought me into the field service space, working with the warranty management platform.  I have held various roles at ServicePower, specifically in product and development to manage the continued build-out of the ServicePower platform. I currently oversee operations, development and product management. 

What does ServicePower do? 

ServicePower is a leading field-service management software company focused on delivering operational efficiencies, while providing an exceptional customer experience.

 The company is known and trusted by field-service organizations around the world in industries including major appliances, consumer electronics, HVAC, security, and insurance. We offer the only SaaS platform that helps companies efficiently manage both employed and contracted technicians. We also offer a fully managed network of contracted service providers to enable on-demand and rapid field-service delivery in hard-to-reach locations across North America and Europe. 

Have supply chain problems changed what you do? 

Supply chain issues have highlighted the importance of knowing at any point in time the inventory levels of parts, and the exact location and relationship to field resources as they relate to those parts.  

For example, when a field event is triggered, it is necessary to not only be able to predict the potential parts in play, but also know exactly where those parts are located. This makes it possible to send a technician that has expertise and all the necessary tools to complete a first-time fix for the problem. 

Is the Great Resignation affecting your customers? 

The Great Resignation has highlighted the need for hybrid workforces to include both employed resources and independent contractors. Traditionally in the field service world, organisations staffed either an employed workforce or authorised independent businesses to work on their behalf.  It’s become clear over the past couple of years that the most efficient model requires both while also ensuring that the consumer is given a world class experience no matter who is sent to fix a problem.

How does your solution resolve such problems?   

First and foremost, the ServicePower platform is built on the principle of delivering the best possible customer experience.  We are the only platform that manages the complexity of working with a hybrid workforce comprising both employed resources and independent contractors while recognising the differences and advantages of working across those unique labour pools. 

We also bring efficiencies to field service across roles – technicians, adjustors, call centre agents, office workers and executives – through tools that offer scheduling optimization and transparency.

Who inspires you? 

It’s hard to name just one person so I would say generally people who are positive, uplifting and can show gratitude are the ones who inspire me.  There is a quote I love about gratitude, by [the noted Unitarian minister] Jenkin Lloyd Jones: “Life is just like an old-time rail journey. There are delays, sidetracks, smoke, dust, cinders, and jolts, interspersed only occasionally by beautiful vistas and thrilling bursts of speed. The trick is to thank the Lord for letting you have the ride.”  

Best advice ever received?  

Always seek to continue your education.  This doesn’t have to mean continual schooling, but to find ways to better yourself.  Education provides peace of mind knowing that you’ll be prepared for any eventualities in life.  It applies very well to the business world, and specifically to my 28 years in field service.  There are always new things for me to learn and ways to improve.

Brad Hawkins is Senior VP of Products and Solutions with ServicePower.

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