EY, Procter & Gamble expand alliance in supply chain drive

By Sean Galea-Pace
EY has announced it has expanded its alliance with Procter & Gamble (P&G) in a bid to better respond to today’s rapidly changing supply chain ecosyste...

In today’s current climate, companies need end-to-end visibility to drive supply chain resilience while managing cost and agility to handle the effects and aftershocks of the COVID-19 crisis.

Building off the existing EY-P&G Alliance, rooted in manufacturing excellence, the enhanced collaboration expands the scope of the relationship to additional supply chain processes, including strategy, planning, customer service, transportation and distribution to help accelerate transformation and risk in the supply chain.

The alliance covers a broad suite of intellectual property (IP) combined with a proven transformation methodology, which includes:

  • Supply chain foundations, which provide core foundations for supply network operations and processes, including organisational design and foundational work processes and tools.
  • Advanced tools and automation, which offer innovative resources and techniques designed to enhance and digitise existing work processes to improve efficiencies.
  • The Run-to-Target Transformation Accelerator to provide a structured self-service methodology to achieve rapid results and create sustainable change by empowering the workforce.

This systematic approach empowers organisations to evolve holistically while breaking down functional silos and decreasing resources and inefficiencies. It aligns multiple areas of the business - supply chain, finance, sales, commercial - against common transformation objectives. This alignment also enables increased involvement with customers and suppliers to create critical end-to-end visibility. 

Leveraging the EY and P&G suite of assets, in addition to a structured implementation methodology enables businesses to accelerate deployment and create organisational capability. This approach also operates seamlessly alongside EY Supply Chain Intelligence Platform and Supply Chain Smart Maps - a set of digital tools, data and analytics to help manage and analyse ongoing performance throughout the transformation of the supply chain. In collaboration, this provides companies with a comprehensive set of capabilities and intelligence to better align business priorities and strategies.

“With P&G’s consistent leadership in supply chain excellence, expanding the relationship with EY to address the full scope of the supply chain is essential – especially during times when supply chains are under stress and companies are working to reframe their future,” commented Glenn Steinberg, EY Global and EY Americas Supply Chain Leader. “The expanded alliance can provide clients with the advanced technology, guidance and systems they need today and in the future. Its offerings provide a holistic approach for businesses globally to manage and transform supply chain processes in today’s unpredictable environment.”

“P&G and EY have a long history of working together and collaborating exceptionally well. Both organisations have a culture of quality and high standards and share very similar values and principles,” added Julio Nemeth, Chief Product Supply Officer, P&G. “EY is the ideal organisation to bring our supply chain knowledge and the related success to the marketplace. Our methodology has been used throughout our supply network – from suppliers to customers – to deliver substantial value in the form of cash, cost and revenue. It can deliver increased responsiveness, productivity, service levels, inventory reduction and cost savings. Therefore, it offers a valuable and structured approach for businesses to optimise their end-to-end supply chain performance.”


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