Digital transformation solution is supply chain fillip

By Sean Ashcroft
'Command Center' solution from Wipro and Celonis is designed to give companies enterprise-wide supply chain visibility, agility and efficiency

A major new initiative to drive supply chain transformation has been launched. 

Called Supply Chain Command Center (SCCC), the enterprise solution is designed to help businesses identify and remedy supply chain bottlenecks and inefficiencies. It is a joint venture between Wipro, a global IT consultancy, and leading data management firm, Celonis.

The solution offers enterprises intelligent control over supply chain operations, from C-suite executives down to on-the-ground managers. The solution is offered as-a-service, without any upfront investments.

Supply chain enterprise solution

The companies say SCCC helps businesses achieve:

  • Greater productivity
  • End-to-end supply chain visibility
  • Increased agility
  • Improved financial performance
  • Better risk avoidance
  • Compliance on industry regulations 

Wipro and Celonis say SCCC works across the four stages of the supply chain: planning, sourcing, developing and delivering. They add that as well as offering visibility on risk - so helping minimise disruption - it also offers insight into growth opportunities. 

Need to transform supply chain 'urgent'

Wipro applications and data president Harish Dwarkanhalli said: “The need to transform the supply chain has dramatically increased due to the pandemic. Our joint solution enables businesses to reimagine and retransform supply chains, using data and process intelligence across large transformation projects.”

Amit Puri, business process outsourcing VP at Celonis said that SCCC is designed to “drive next-gen digital transformation for global customers”. 

SCCC is built on the companies’ bespoke solutions: Celonis Execution Management System and Wipro Holmes, an augmented intelligence system.

Puri added: “These capabilities enable us to unlock faster value for customers across every industry segment, and accelerate supply chain transformation through data-driven business execution.”



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