Loseby joins Suppeco as Chief Behavioural Science Officer

Supplier relations SaaS platform Suppeco has appointed procurement and behavioural science expert, David Loseby, as its CBSO

Collaborative supplier relations platform Suppeco has appointed procurement and behavioural science expert, David Loseby, as its Chief Behavioural Science Officer.

Loseby has 30 years’ experience at senior executive and director level, driving value and change through procurement, organisational transformation and change management. He has worked in both the private and public sectors including pharmaceuticals, banking, FMCG, manufacturing, consulting, retail, aerospace & defence, venture capital, healthcare and local government.

Suppeco helps businesses leverage the full potential of supplier relationships to solve challenges facing the customer-supplier ecosystem. Loseby will blend his expertise in behavioural science with his deep knowledge of procurement to enhance this process.

As well as his long industry experience, Loseby works with universities on executive MBA programs, is a visiting scholar at the University of East Anglia, and a professor of research impact in supply chain management at Leeds University Business School. He has written numerous research papers and is also the author of ‘Soft skills for hard business’.

“I see myself as a ‘pracademic’ – an academic and a practitioner,” says Loseby, adding that his work is about “making sure we define the connection between research and its applicability to business issues”. 

He says one key area where research can inform real-world problems is with digital transformations, where “a people-first approach is vital”. 

In his various roles as change director, chief procurement officer and supply chain director, Loseby has been involved in a succession of change and transformation projects, with organisations including Westminster City Council, the NHS, Arriva, Halfords and, more recently, Rolls Royce.

“It was clear to me that people are at the centre of all change and transformation that is enabled by technology,” he says of these experiences." 

Suppeco CEO Sheldon Mydat says: “David is an industry leader, expert, and evangelist in our field, and I’m thrilled he’s joining the team. We’re seeing a metamorphic shift in business attitudes and behaviours, and what’s really exciting is we’re helping to affect that change.

“David blends academic expertise with experience of complex procurement and supplier relations management. He brings another essential ingredient to the Suppeco leadership team, and will help us deliver the best possible outcomes for both existing and new clients.”

Loseby adds: “I feel like I have been in the vanguard of Procurement 4.0 for the past two decades, at the intersection of behavioural science and all things transformational.” 

About Suppeco

A disruptive enterprise platform, Suppeco leverages the potential in supplier relationships to solve key challenges facing the customer-supplier ecosystem, by creating visibility and structure in a notoriously difficult-to-manage environment. Suppeco enables organisations to identify and exploit value opportunities through collaborative engagement. It works with Fortune 100 companies, and is the winner of awards including UK Business Awards, International Business Excellence, and UK Enterprise Awards. 


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