LevaData: Revolutionising Procurement for Cost Efficiency

AI-Powered Supply Chain Management Platform LevaData Empowers Manufacturers to Slash Procurement Costs Through Innovative Technology Solutions

In the realm of procurement, LevaData is making waves with cutting-edge technology designed to streamline processes and significantly reduce costs. The revolutionary approach taken by the company is reshaping the landscape of how manufacturers approach their procurement strategies.

LevaData's impact on cost reduction is not just theoretical—it's tangible. By leveraging advanced AI and technology, blending real-time data of over one billion parts, from over 40,000 suppliers and over 117 data points, manufacturers are witnessing a substantial drop in procurement expenses. The platform's ability to enhance efficiency and provide valuable insights is proving to be a game-changer in the industry.

“We power the smartest supply chains in the world by constantly analysing business objectives against real-time market activity and community intelligence,” says LevaData.


With the help of automated intelligence, companies can:

  • Confidently manage risk and allocate spend with a 360o view
  • Optimise cost, risk and resilience
  • Make decisions you can trust, act and defend
  • Anticipate opportunities with a unique benchmarking methodology
  • Make smarter spend decisions with robust insights and full data visibility
  • Proactively expose vulnerable links in your supply chain 
  • Increase supplier visibility including manufacturer site locations to tailor contingency plans
  • Gain access to in-depth supplier background and negotiation playbooks

AI powering the future of supply chain cost savings

LevaData helps leading companies around the globe such as Dyson, NIVIDA, Bose and Zebra, gain a competitive edge, reporting impressive statistics including:

  • 1-3% improved gross margin from cost savings
  • 2-3 times more spend coverage
  • 60 sourcing velocity
  • 20% productivity gains
  • 500% return on human capital

LevaData's commitment to innovation and efficiency is undeniably influencing the procurement landscape. Manufacturers embracing this transformative solution are witnessing significant cost reductions, ultimately enhancing their bottom line.

Meet Keith Hartley, the CEO of LevaData

Results-driven leader Keith Hartley is CEO of the innovative startup. Hartley joined LevaData in 2022 having previously built lean, high-performing teams in the procurement and supply chain software industry for companies including Red Hat, Oracle, Blue Yonder, and Ivalua.

Backed by his passion for helping customers drive better decision-making with the use of data and technology, Hartley has a track record of leading teams in ERP, supply chain planning and execution, field service management, and human capital management sectors. 

Hartley holds a BS in Computer Engineering from California State University and an MBA from the London Business School.


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