Cat5 Resources Takes Proactive Stance on Disaster Resilience

Cat5 Resources CEO Cindy Perez on how the company keeps critical infrastructure operational before, during, and after commercial power outages

Cindy Perez, CEO of Cat5, boasts a stellar background in logistics and disaster recovery. Rising to prominence as Director of Logistics at Specialized Transportation Inc, a division of North American Van Lines, she garnered numerous awards for her oversight of Fortune 500 companies' logistical needs. 

Her mettle was tested during Hurricane Charlie in 2004, where she orchestrated the deployment of 800 generators and took on fueling responsibilities when a partner company faltered. 

Post-Charlie, she co-founded an emergency fueling venture, propelling it to a $38 million valuation with strategic contracts.

That provided the platform for her to launch Cat5 Resources.

Initially, she focused on disaster recovery and backup power solutions for wireless carriers and various commercial and industrial sectors, but the company has gone on to become a diversified supplier of technical and operational services across the southern US, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. 

Over the past five years, Cat5 Resources has evolved its offerings beyond emergency fueling and logistics, adding facilities maintenance services and a fleet of versatile fuel trailers.

“This allows us to more effectively cater to a diverse range of clients across commercial, industrial, and government sectors,” Perez explains. She adds that the modern Cat5 has also embraced “a proactive stance on disaster resilience”, by developing customised preparedness plans and launching a portable power sales and rentals division for comprehensive emergency and routine power solutions.

Perez says; “We specialise in comprehensive disaster recovery and emergency response services, and are primarily focused on keeping critical infrastructure operational before, during, and after commercial power outages. 

She says the company’s mission is “to exceed customer expectations by providing high-quality services that ensure the integrity of the nation’s critical infrastructures”.

A major Cat5 customer is T-Mobile, for which it provides a suite of services across 12 markets, focusing on ensuring the reliability and efficiency of its cellular network. 

It has also now taken on Amazon as a customer, performing generator maintenance and high-velocity fan maintenance services for it.

“Our work encompasses cell site-maintenance, backup power solutions, and an array of disaster response services,” says Perez. “Our role is critical in helping T-Mobile deliver a consistent, reliable service to its customers, and shows the depth and breadth of our expertise in telecoms infrastructure support.”

She adds that Cat5 always seeks to “drive value”, by partnering with customers “to put their needs ahead of our own”.

As a women-owned business, Perez points out that Cat5 Resources ”challenges the traditional norms of the telecom maintenance and disaster response industries”, and that it is “setting a new standard for inclusivity”. 

She adds: “Diversity is a strategic advantage, because it fosters a wide range of perspectives and ideas and leads to better business outcomes. it's a cornerstone of our success, and drives our ability to innovate and improve continuously.”



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