Supply is the engine at the heart of Nutrabolt

As Nutrabolt’s VP of Procurement, Brendan O’Toole highlights the importance of sourcing and supply, reinvention, and staying agile in a volatile climate

Nutrabolt’s savvy Vice President of Procurement, Brendan O’Toole, joins us to share how the fast-growing, global active health and wellness company has coped in the face of ongoing volatility in global supply chains resulting from geopolitical and economic events. 

O'Toole details his belief that the procurement and supply chain function exists as the star at the very heart of the Nutrabolt solar system, impacting every area of business that it touches, with the cultivation of business relationships a crucial aspect of success.

With extensive experience in the sourcing and supply industry – including roles at The Honest Company and Nature Made  – O’Toole is passionate about his role. Here, he discusses the current complexities that exist within supply chain management and the changing business climate, explaining how Nutrabolt and its co-manufacturing partners are working together to weather the storm. He also explains how the company’s resilience has been underpinned by three core pillars, as well as adaptability and a team-player mentality.

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