Sellafield: Sustainability impact begins with mindset shift

Eirini Etoimou showcases how Sellafield operationalises sustainability moving from ambition to action and to long term results.

Some of the most critical industries, namely supply chain and energy, are undergoing great shifts to first de-risk, then decarbonise, with a number of social implications along the way. Facilitating this monumental transition requires passionate people with the ability to listen, learn, and act upon the challenges that come their way—true advocates of, not just sustainability, but ensuring environmental prosperity, social justice, and effective governance. 

Someone with passion and at the same time realism for sustainability within her sector, and beyond, is Eirini Etoimou, Head of Corporate Sustainability & Supply Chain Development and Sourcing at Sellafield Ltd. Etoimou seeks to tackle the challenge at its very core in an industry that is tackling nationally important work. 
As on the key centres for nuclear engineering management, Sellafield Ltd is tackling the legacy of the past and building a capability for the future. Having spent over two years with the organisation, heading up supply chain development, strategic SRM, and sustainability practices, Etoimou is well aware that the company cannot be more sustainable in a heartbeat, but instead takes a more realistic approach to the task—starting with its people.

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