Kite Pharma: Where Innovation and Sustainability Align

Cindy Perettie and Chris McDonald Outline Kite’s Journey to World-class Lymphoma Treatment and Sustainable, Fast-paced Manufacturing and Delivery

Gilead’s vision is to create a healthier world for all people, a vision that necessarily includes sustainability as a key responsibility throughout the value chain. The ability to incorporate sustainable business practices while executing complex scientific processes is one attribute that makes Gilead and Kite so unique. This sustainability focus is embedded across all of Gilead and Kite manufacturing operations; from integrating the 12 principles of green chemistry throughout the small molecule development process to Kite’s work on cancer treatments. 

Lymphoma is a cancer that impacts 80,000 people a year globally and there are currently over 100 therapies approved for its treatment. For decades, lymphoma was treated the same way, but in recent years a new treatment option for patients harnessing the power of their own immune system to fight cancer has emerged: CAR T-cell therapy, or CAR T. Unlike many other cancer therapies, CAR T-cell therapies are one-time treatments with curative potential that allow many patients with certain blood cancers to live longer, healthier lives.

Kite is a pioneer in the CAR T-cell therapy field and committed to changing the future of cancer treatment with this one-time, individualised treatment that has the potential to cure certain blood cancers for many patients.

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