Arxada's short-term delivery & long-term capability

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Randy Willis of Arxada discusses synchronising supply chains with people, processes and tools to transform short, medium and long-term planning

In the modern world, science-led solutions that claim to protect the health and wellbeing of people and our planet are under increased scrutiny. Arxada is a global specialty chemicals company, with a clear track record of industry innovations which range from Microbial Control Solutions to Professional Hygiene. The 3,000-strong Arxada team is based in Basel, Switzerland and aims to be the preservation go-to within the industry, by solving the world's toughest preservation challenges. 

“We are focused on delivering superior products and services to our customers by leveraging our strength and science and innovation capabilities, our manufacturing process development capabilities, and our regulatory sciences organisation,” says Randy Willis, Vice President of Supply Chain for Arxada. 

A keen chemical engineer, he studied the subject at Lamar University, before taking up process engineering role in a management development programme for DuPont. He then went on to work at Materion and AkzoNobel, before joining. Arxada in September 2022, based in the Nashville Metropolitan Area. 

“I worked across different sites and then moved into various operations and supply chain leadership roles in many companies - DuPont, Exalta, and now Arxada.”

Here, he tells us more about Arxada’s journey to reduce backorders and increase productivity.

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