May 19, 2020

VIDEO: The moment TransAsia flight GE 235 crashed in Taiwan

TransAsia plane crash on cam! | Taipei | 04 02 2015
Bizclik Editor

This is the terrifying moment a TransAsia plane crash lands in the Keelung River in Taiwan on the morning of Wednesday, 4 February. The ATR-72 turboprop aircraft with 58 onboard was flying from Taipei to the offshore island of Kinmen when it crashed into the Keelung River after seemingly ramming into a highway viaduct, Taiwan's Central News Agency (CNA) said. Vox Media reports a taxi was also damaged during the crash, as it got clipped by the aircraft immediately before it dived into the River at approximately 10.53 am local time. The death toll is yet to be confirmed but there does appear to be survivors, including a 2-year old infant who has been pulled from the wreckage.

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