May 19, 2020

Top ten drones

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10: The Splash Drone 3

The Splash Drone 3 is the latest drone from SwellPro. It is fully waterproof and has the ability to float on water. Unlike the original Splash Drone, the Splash Drone 3 features a 4K camera, stronger motors and an improved flight controller. The drone comes in two models, the Auto, which can be controlled by a mobile app and offers a ‘follow me’ feature. The other model, the Fisherman, has a fixed camera and has the ability to carry an item up to 2.5 pounds and release it remotely. Price tags for the drone start at $1,149 for the fisherman and $1,399 for the Auto. The company who makes it, SwellPro, have designed multiple drones, with their first design, the Mariner Drone, launching in 2014. The original Splash Drone was launched in 2015.

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