May 19, 2020

Top Leaders of the World

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Business Insider recently published its ranking of the 

Business Insider recently published its ranking of the 50 most powerful people in the world - a select group whose decisions affect millions, shake industries, and change nations. Global heads of state featured prominently, with 14 presidents, prime ministers, and even royalty cracking the list.

To determine the ranking, we evaluated more than 100 of the most influential players in business, politics, entertainment, and tech, judging their influence by economic power, command, newsworthiness, and impact - a subjective measure that captures how important they are in their respective spheres (see our full methodology here).

US President Barack Obama headlines the list, followed by Chinese President Xi Jinping, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Here are the rest of the world's most powerful world leaders.

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