May 19, 2020

Top 9 countries with the least resilient supply chains

Supply Chain
Nye Longman
4 min

Resilient supply chains are vital to robust business performance. Financial executives and supply chain professionals are losing sleep over a number of threats to this, which include the spread of terrorism, natural disasters and the fallout from depressed commodity prices.

A range of threats have been taken into account in the 2016 FM Global Resilience Index, which is the definitive global ranking of countries’ business resilience to supply chain disruption.  FM Global is one of the world’s largest commercial property insurers and has ranked 130 countries according to nine key drivers that can affect the vulnerability of a business operating in any one of the countries. These drivers are categorised under three core resilience factors which consist of Supply Chain, Risk Quality, and Economic Factors.

FM Global believes that all loss is preventable, and has created this publicly available tool to help multinationals make more informed decisions when expanding (or expanding their supply chains) into new territories.

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