Top 10 useful websites for procurement specialists

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10.   The Indian Ins...


The Indian Institute of Materials Management (IIMM) with its Headquarters at Navi Mumbai, is the National Apex body representing a wide spectrum of professionals engaged in various facets of material management, responsible for planning, sourcing, logistics & supply chain management. It has over 8,000 members from the public and private sector and a Knowledge Bank section which is particularly useful for them and non-members.


Hailing from the USA and celebrating its 100th year anniversary, the Institute of Supply Management is one of the world’s largest professional associations for procurement. It also has a pretty nifty sidebar on the homepage which tells you about all the latest supply chain events happening, in chronological order.


Ariba is a global provider of spend management solutions, and was bought by German software maker SAP for a whopping $4.3 billion back in 2012. When you’re buying, Ariba says it will help you source and procure goods and services in ways that boost competition and compliance, saving your company money and minimising any potential risks. A solid first port of call for procurement professionals and specialists.


Since 1986, CAPS Research has been providing thorough, practical research for our strategic-minded corporate members and forward looking insights for the academic community as the leading non-profit supply chain research organisation. CAPS Research’s motto is ‘Not for profit. For possibility.’ and they are jointly sponsored by a business school at Arizona State University, the Institute for Supply Management, and 130 major sponsor companies. It has a transparent website where you can discover a lot of useful information.


ESourcing Forum is a weblog edited and authored by Iasta, a global software and services provider of supply management solutions. As the name suggests, this website looks at procurement and supply topics primarily from an e-commerce perspective. Another website which is backed by a wealthy parent company. Its blend of acclaimed software and services focus on improving spend analysis, procurement intelligence, sourcing, contract management, and supplier lifecycle management.


In business since 1992, this website has connected nearly 5 million users with pre-screened, qualified sellers. Its current seller network exceeds 3,500 top brands and continues to grow every year. With a history built around helping procurement officers, owners make smart buying decisions. has positioned itself as an essential resource and one of the first stop in the B2B purchasing process.



Azul Partners, the parent company of Spend Matters (US), was founded in January 2004 and is headquartered in Chicago. The blog Spend Matters launched in November 2004, making it one of the first blogs and social media site in the procurement and supply chain sector. It has not aged particularly well, with an outdated homepage and user interface, but spend matters still has a slew of relevant, insightful information and is a solid top 10 entry.


As the world's largest professional network with 300 million members in over 200 countries and territories around the globe, LinnkedIn is a powerful tool for supply chain and procurement specialists. Once a signed-up member, you are able to join group containing otherwise unreachable experts who can become valuable contacts in your day-to-day professional life. An absolute must have for any who is serious about their career path.


The UK Government’s online procurement service designed for businesses especially SMEs, allows Government buyers to publish contract notices online. Contracts Finder will publish details of live opportunities, including low-value procurements worth £10,000 and more. It will also publish tender and contract documents for closed procurements, as part of the government's transparency commitment. An invaluable site for procurement specialists, especially when lucrative contracts are hard to come by.


Well what else did you expect! We were never going to leave ourselves out of this where we? Seriously though, if you are involved in the procurement sector, Supply Chain Digital should be part of your daily read, just like a newspaper was for your parents. We provide constant updates not just on procurement, but the related sections of logistics, supply chain management, warehousing…and the industry-relevant Top 10s.

Since refreshing our website back in the summer of 2014, we have gone from strength-to-strength and I was proud to be recently named as the 21st most influential person in procurement by Procurious….obviously they listed us about 20 places too low but we’ll forgive them! We have primary sources and contacts in the procurement sectors for global brands such as Subway and Costa Coffee, and you can get your online daily briefing through Twitter too, where we have 15,000 followers engaging with us through the @SupplyChainD account. But don’t take our word for it, the numbers talk for themselves- in March 2015 we recorded 111,000 page views mostly from c-level executives in your industry.


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