Top 10 sustainable procurement firms

Sustainable procurement helps reduce environmental footprint, improve social & economic conditions in the supply chain & promotes sustainable development

Sustainable procurement means considering the full lifecycle of a product or service – from the extraction of raw materials to disposal, and taking into account the impact on people, the planet, and the economy. It involves working with suppliers who are ESG-compliant, minimising waste, reducing energy consumption, and promoting the use of renewable resources. 

Sustainable procurement can help organisations reduce their environmental footprint, improve social and economic conditions in their supply chain, and promote sustainable development. It can also help them meet regulatory requirements around sustainability and enhance their reputation as a responsible and ethical company.

The following 10 companies are among the leading organisations to offer services around sustainable procurement

Sustainable procurement firms: Efficio

Efficio is a global management consultancy firm that specialises in procurement and supply chain management. It provides a range of services to help companies optimise their procurement and supply chain operations, including procurement strategy development, sourcing and supplier management, cost reduction programs, and procurement technology implementation. Efficio's approach to procurement is data-driven, using advanced analytics to identify opportunities for cost savings and process improvements. It works with clients across automotive, energy, financial services, healthcare and retail.

Sustainable procurement firms: Proxima

Proxima is a global procurement and supply chain management consultancy that helps businesses improve their operational and financial performance by optimising their procurement practices. 

Proxima provides a range of services to help clients optimise their procurement operations, including strategic sourcing, category management, supplier relationship management, procurement process improvement, and procurement technology implementation. It works with clients across banking and finance, healthcare, manufacturing, retail and technology.

Sustainable procurement firms: Inverto

Inverto is a global procurement and supply chain management consultancy firm that helps businesses optimise their procurement practices to achieve cost savings and improve operational efficiency. 

Its services include strategic sourcing, category management, supplier management, procurement process optimisation, and digital procurement transformation. It works with clients across industries such as automotive, energy, healthcare, retail, and telecommunications.

Sustainable procurement firms: BSR

BSP (Business for Social Responsibility) is a global nonprofit organisation that works with companies to promote sustainable business practices. BSR has a collaborative approach to sustainability, working with companies, NGOs, and other stakeholders to develop solutions that address complex sustainability challenges. It provides a range of services to its members, including sustainability strategy development, stakeholder engagement, sustainability reporting, supply chain management, and human rights assessments. Members include companies such as Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Nestle, and Walmart. 

Sustainable procurement firms: Sphera

Sphera helps companies manage risk, compliance, sustainability, and operational performance. Its software solutions enable companies to proactively identify, assess, and mitigate risks across the entire organisation. Its solutions include product stewardship, supply chain sustainability, and operational risk management. Sphera's solutions are used by companies in industries including chemicals, energy, manufacturing, transportation, and utilities.

Sustainable procurement firms: Equipoise

Sustainable Procurement Consultancy called Equipoise was co-founded by Luke Abbot, who was previously sustainable procurement lead at Procura Consulting. Equipoise is a technology-enabled consultancy with "a mission to re-balance our planet and society through sustainable procurement action" says Abbot, who adds: "Our services help organisations of all sizes, sectors and geographies address sustainability issues related to people, planet and profits." 

Sustainable procurement firms: BCG 

With 22,000 employees, BCG has completed nearly 1,000 procurement projects across the world in the past five years. For clients who wish to take ambitious ESG action, BCG helps integrate sustainability into key KPIs and operating models. At one European automotive Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), it helped drastically cut Scope 3 emissions. 

Sustainable procurement firms: Bain & Company

Bain & Company helps organisations develop sourcing strategies for a sustainable future. Operating across 61 offices in 38 countries, it has completed roughly 1,000 procurement projects, reducing purchasing costs by an average of between 8-12%. “Incorporate sustainability into your core strategy so it’s future-proof and makes the most of the many opportunities that sustainability presents,” is its advice.

Sustainable procurement firms: McKinsey

McKinsey believes that sophisticated procurement practices can help companies minimise their environmental impact and control costs. In almost 100 global offices, Green Teams drive environmental initiatives. Currently, the company works with around 50 of the world’s largest airlines and hotel groups to help reduce their carbon footprints “ESG leadership begins at home but it can’t stay there,” it says. “That’s where procurement’s role becomes so critical.”

Sustainable procurement firms: Deloitte

Deloitte operates in 102 cities globally and consults nearly 90% of the world’s Fortune 500 companies. By 2025, it aims to ensure that suppliers are outperforming ethical standards of compliance. “To create a more sustainable supply chain, procurement teams should define what risks and opportunities for cost savings and innovation exist for their business through them,” it advises. “And embrace more-sustainable procurement practices.”


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