May 19, 2020

Top 10 supply chains in Europe

Gartner Supply Chain
top 10 supply chains
Olivia Minnock
6 min

Gartner based its rankings on various criteria including return on assets, corporate social responsibility, and revenue growth.

The organisation commented that some common themes were evident in the top companies listed below. These included:

  • Global scale, local responsiveness: The companies on the list deal with their many sites and suppliers by allowing flexibility in how goals are achieved in different markets. Gartner suggested a combination of global and local manufacturing distribution was key. 
  • Multiple models though segmentation: The companies have many product categories, emerging markets and channels, and use segmentation to create a portfolio of standard models. This helps them deal with complexity and meet the needs of different end users.
  • Collaboration: Collaborating across various networks to achieve strategy was important, whether with customers, competitors, governments or interest groups. 
  • Investment in talent and technology: The latest technology is necessary to execute strategy, and these companies use talented individuals, for example by building relationships with universities.
  • Culture of excellence and master of change: The businesses are always transforming and dedicate resources to driving change.

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