Top 10: Best Trucking Companies to Work For

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So I was just flipping through channels on our TV here at Supply Chain Digital and came across one the best trucking movies of all time: Black Dog...

So I was just flipping through channels on our TV here at Supply Chain Digital and came across one the best trucking movies of all time: Black Dog. I then found the trailer on YouTube and have no idea how this movie wasn’t a bigger success.


That is a god-like trio if I've ever seen one. Swayze should have been a big enough draw for the casual movie-goer to attend but with music stars Travis and Meatloaf, this movie had to have been a commercial success, right? Unfortunately, it only took home about $12 million at the box office and it’s tracking between 2 and 4 out of 10 on most movie rating sites, which sucks because this movie is a trucking masterpiece.

We do have one gripe about this film though. As you all know from watching the trailer above, Swayze plays truck driving ex-con Jack Crewes and he lives by three simple rules: No passing, no tailgating, and no turning back. In Black Dog, Crewes makes a big deal about loving Caterpillar engines, yet the sound of the truck is clearly a Detroit Diesel. It’s certainly not a deal breaker, but it’s a flaw nonetheless and one that anyone with knowledge of the trucking industry is going to pick up on. 

Anyways, reminiscing about Black Dog made us think that we really need to rank the best U.S. trucking companies to work for. We aren’t judging by size, because if that was the case the USPS would be No. 1. As we’ve read in recent weeks, however, the USPS isn't doing so well

Finally, here’s how we see the trucking companies that are the best to work for:

10. Fox Transportation
HQ: Rancho Cucamonga, California 

9. Mayflower
HQ: St. Louis, Missouri 

8. Con-Way Transportation
HQ: San Mateo, California 

7. J.B. Hunt Transport Services
HQ: Lowell, Arkansas 

6. Ryder
HQ: Miami, Florida

5. American Freightways
HQ: Harrison, Arkansas 

4. Werner Enterprises
HQ: Omaha, Nebraska 

3. Saia Motor Freight
HQ: Johns Creek, Georgia 

2. Schneider National
HQ: Green Bay, Wisconsin

1. C.H. Robinson Worldwide
HQ: Eden Prairie, Minnesota


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