May 19, 2020

4 EVs changing the way we move

Jennifer Johnson
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Siemens electric ferry

In 2015, the world’s first electric ferry set sail between the villages of Lavik and Oppedal in Norway’s Sognefjord. The vessel, called Ampere, is propelled using battery technology developed by German manufacturing giant Siemens. One lithium-ion battery is stored aboard the ferry itself, with two more fixed to the respective piers at either side of the crossing.

Ampere was the end result of a competition launched by Norway’s Ministry of Transport and Communications in 2011 to develop a clean method for ferry transport. In late September, it was announced that two additional electric ferries have been commissioned in Norway, this time to sail the E39 Anda-Lote route on the country’s west coast. The vessels will have a cargo capacity of 120 cars, 12 trailers and precisely 349 passengers. The new ferries will commence operation in 2018.

Siemens will again install an integrated electric power and automation solution aboard both of the ferries. The company’s electric propulsion solution, BlueDrive PlusC, includes lithium-ion batteries for energy storage and thruster and remote control for the propellers. The ferries will also benefit from an integrated alarm and monitoring system and an energy management system.

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