May 19, 2020

10 Signs Of The Smartphone Zombie Plague

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Hong Kong’s Head-Down Tribe

According to Ipsos Group research, more than 80 percent of Hong Kong residents between the ages of 15 and 34 own a smartphone. Screen obsession has become so rampant that a Cantonese expression has developed to describe the phenomenon: dai tau juk (“head-down tribe”).

The head-down tribe is having massive ramifications in Hong Kong. In February 2015, neurosurgeon Harold Cheng Kin-ming warned that head tilting from smartphone usage caused increased hospitalizations from excessive pressure on cervical vertebrae.

“Distracted walking” is not just unhealthy; it is a public nuisance. According to the MTR Corporation, distracted smartphone users walk blindly off trains, halt abruptly in corridors, and linger at the bottom of escalators and stairs to answer messages.

One commuter describes the “annoying and selfish [behavior as] getting worse and worse.” Smartphone users crossing roads pose the greatest threat to both pedestrians and motorists. In 2001, Hong Kong banned handheld devices for drivers.

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