May 19, 2020

10 Signs Of The Smartphone Zombie Plague

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Child Road Death Spike

In February 2017, the British Department for Transport reported that smartphone usage is leading to a spike in child road deaths. Child-pedestrian casualty data showed an increase of 6 percent in deaths and serious injuries between July and September 2016, compared to the same time period the previous year.

AA president Edmund King noted that older children in particular were susceptible to smartphone distraction. He insists that more needs to be done to educate this demographic.

In October 2016, a video hit the Internet showing a slow-moving SUV plowing into a two-year-old in Yueyang, China. The child’s mother lagged behind, completely absorbed in her smartphone. With her eyes glued to the screen, the mother failed to notice the vehicle moving.

By the time help arrived, the young girl was dead. Local government agencies have used the toddler’s passing to call for people to cut back on smartphone usage.

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