WWF and BCG launch OpenSC supply chain visibility platform

By Dale Benton
One of the world’s leading non-profit conservation organisations has launched a revolutionary new digital blockchain platform to improve the visibilit...

One of the world’s leading non-profit conservation organisations has launched a revolutionary new digital blockchain platform to improve the visibility of food and products along the global value chain.

WWF-Australia has partnered with BCG Digital Ventures to launch OpenSC, a global platform that enables suppliers and stakeholders to scan QR codes on products to access information regarding the origin, the production and the product journey along the supply chain.

Combining RFID and the blockchain platform, information such as the temperature of food storage cannot be tampered with, providing a secure ecosystem of data that provides transparency to the right people.

“Through OpenSC, businesses and consumers will have a whole new level of transparency about whether the food we eat is contributing to environmental degradation or social injustice such as slavery,” said WWF-Australia CEO Dermot O’Gorman.


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 “OpenSC is fantastic for businesses that are committed to sustainable and ethical operations. In addition to providing transparency about the origin of an item’s production, OpenSC helps optimise business supply chain operations, reduces costs, and enables producers to manage issues such as product recalls,” said BCGDV Managing Director and Co-Chair of the World Economic Forum Council on the Future of Consumption, Paul Hunyor.

OpenSC will be launched at an event being held at the Aria restaurant in Sydney as well as at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Food that has been successfully tracked using the OpenSC platform will be served to truly showcase the full transparency that OpenSC can and will provide to the world.

OpenSC is available to all businesses that are looking to demonstrate that their products were produced in environmentally-friendly or ethical ways.

“We’ve designed this technology to be highly compatible both with existing supply chain operations and certification systems, but also to interface with other Blockchain enabled providence solutions.  It is exciting that producers who are ready to provide transparency to their customers can be on OpenSC in a very short timeframe,” said Mr Hunyor.



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