Tradeshift and Bristlecone partner to advance the future of supply chains

By Dale Benton
A new partnership has been formed between Tradeshift, the global leader in supply chain payments and marketplaces, and Bristlecone, the trusted partner...

A new partnership has been formed between Tradeshift, the global leader in supply chain payments and marketplaces, and Bristlecone, the trusted partner in supply chain transformation to advance the future of supply chains.

The partnership will see the two companies work closely to advance the future of supply chains through greater collaboration and the implantation of automation technology. “This partnership brings together some of the greatest minds in supply chains and provides added value to Bristlecone customers who tap into Tradeshift’s innovative buying and selling platform,” said Irfan Khan, President and CEO of Bristlecone. “Digitally transforming the entire supply chain is key to business agility and resiliency, and Tradeshift’s platform is another step in the right direction for many organisations.”


Bristlecone’s product portfolio of supply chain, procurement analytics solutions allows business from all over the world to achieve antifragility, meaning they can accurately forecast, maximise their savings and drive positive customer experiences. In working with Tradeshift, which implements technology to digitise and connect every interaction between buyers and sellers, Bristlecone will further expand its portfolio and unlock increased value in the supply chain.

“Successful digital transformation in the supply chain is the result of revolutionizing the way businesses work together – and it requires a major shift in the way the buyer-seller lifecycle is viewed,” said John Sibley, vice president of global alliances and channels at Tradeshift. “Bristlecone knows how to get clients into this new mindset and leverage technologies like ours to connect the fragmented world of commerce.”

“The velocity of global trade benefits continues to increase quarter after quarter. With our Bristlecone strategic partnership, we are now enabling customers with additional capability to rapidly scale their business in very different ways,” said Christian Lanng, co-founder and CEO of Tradeshift. “The Tradeshift-Bristlecone partnership future will also bring new apps, blockchain and other disruptive technology to market faster and with greater impact.”



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