SAP launches "Business Network" to improve supply chains

SAP has launched “SAP Business Network”, a platform aimed at improving supply chain networks and connecting trading partners.

SAP has announced the launch of a new platform called “SAP Business Network” which aims to connect trading partners and strengthen partnerships, improving the way supply chain networks operate. 

The German multinational software corporation claims that the new solution will bring SAP’s various business networks together on a single platform developed to make the way that supply chain companies interact with their network and trading partners more unified. The network, which is available now, was revealed at SAP’s global conference, SAPPHIRE NOW. 

How will SAP Business Network help the supply chain industry?

Explaining the vision for the new platform, Christian Klein, Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Executive Board of SAP SE, said: “During this unprecedented year, the importance of the communities we’re part of has never been clearer. Our new vision will build the world’s largest business community, enabling customers to easily connect with companies across supply chains and creating networked economies across industries”. 

The Unified network will also enable SAP’s trading partners to “leverage combined intelligence and apply learning gained from past experiences to future decisions”. This provides companies with the power to “collaborate and solve some of today’s biggest social, economic, and environmental issues”, SAP said. 

SAP Business Network also plans to allow supply chain companies to enhance both their internal and external collaboration, as well as deliver consistent onboarding experiences, and drive positive business outcomes. It also enables them to remain agile and vigilant amid changing network and market trends, SAP said. Other features that the platform intends to offer include:

  • Real-time global track and trace integrated to the purchase order application, enhancing supply chain visibility.
  • New working capital solution for trading partners with SAP Supplier Financing, providing access to a network of lenders to help improve cash flow.
  • Insights and benchmarking to compare performance with industry peers, improving customer service.

SAP hopes to introduce further elements to the platform later in 2021. Meanwhile, trading partners who have already implemented the system have given feedback on it. 

Ray Pan, IT Customer Technology Manager of Komatsu Mining Corp, said: “SAP Business Network allows us to communicate with our customers in real-time. The reliability of the platform gives us unparalleled visibility and connectivity with our most critical customers even in changing business environments”. 

David Labbe, Digital Business Manager of Reliper Comercial Ltda, added that SAP’s new solution allowed them to communicate with their customers in real-time. The reliability of the platform gives us unparalleled visibility and connectivity with our most critical customers even in changing business environments”.


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