MINA Group "redefines" the restaurant experience with Oracle cloud platforms

By Dale Benton
A leading San Francisco-based restaurant management company continues to partner with Oracle, utilising its cloud software to ‘redefine the dining exp...

A leading San Francisco-based restaurant management company continues to partner with Oracle, utilising its cloud software to ‘redefine the dining experience.’

Oracle released a case study this week that the MINA Group, as part of a significant digital transformation, is using the Oracle Food and Beverage Simphony restaurant management platform and Oracle MICROS 600 series point-of-sale devices to be more “omnipresent” throughout its value chain.

“As operators, we’ve had the opportunity to work with several different POS systems where we weren’t able to be as omnipresent as we’d like to be in order to have an intimate knowledge of what was going in our restaurants,” says Patric Yumul, president MINA Group. “The choice was clear to go with Oracle Simphony Cloud because of their reliability, data, and ability to see how the entire operation is doing and how our marketing efforts are working.”

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The Simphony Cloud allows MINA to go “beyond the point of sale.” Powered by cloud technolog, Simphony helps customers deliver guest-centric marketing and content using built-in mobile POS solutions. Combined with the MICROS tablet device range, managers can access meaningful data and information in order to “spend more time with guests and out of the office.”

“MINA Group is a true innovator among restaurant management companies with an unprecedented breadth of unique concepts,” said Simon de Montfort Walker, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Food and Beverage. “With The Street Food Hall in Waikiki, MINA Group is continuing to demonstrate the creative applications of Oracle Food and Beverage solutions. As the MINA Group continues to innovate new dining experiences, Simphony will prove to be a strategic investment that supports culinary creativity, differentiated service and streamlined operations.”


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