JAGGAER: Italy leading the charge for eProcurement and digital transformation

By Dale Benton
Italy is leading the charge for eProcurement digital solutions, with the rest of Europe well on its way to fully embracing digital transformation. Rese...

Italy is leading the charge for eProcurement digital solutions, with the rest of Europe well on its way to fully embracing digital transformation.

Research revealed by JAGGAER, the world’s largest independent spend management company, in association with Promo PA Foundation, has highlighted that Italy is one of 15 of the 28 European companies fully utilising complete eProcurement digital solutions.

In its report: Digital Public Procurement: a balance between expectations and reality, JAGGAER revealed that 80 out of 100 organisations use technology in the tendering phase alone, while one in five use technology to collect needs and to set up the planning process. Only 19% were revealed to use technology for the selection of suppliers and the management of supplier’s registers and lists.


The survey sought to measure the level of digital procurement penetration and adoption in Italy and wider Europe, detailing segments of the cycle from e-notice to e-invoice.  “Considered in terms of availability of technologies, Italy is positioned among the leading, countries of the EU, having invested many years in developing public and private digital tools covering the entire supply chain,” says the report.

“The report shows that Italy is now projected towards the full digital public procurement cycle, in line with the EU’s leading countries” comments Annalisa Giachi, Head of Research, Promo PA Foundation.

“JAGGAER has a long history of working with the public sector regionally, across the globe. We have helped many municipalities, governments, institutions and organizations create new efficiencies, ensure compliance, and enabled them to successfully fulfill their public charter of providing services in the most expeditious manner possible,” says Robert Bonavito, CEO JAGGAER.

“Public Administrations must choose technology solutions offering reliable and sustainable performance, both to guarantee citizens excellent service and to protect themselves from possible legal issues. JAGGAER has a history of innovation and delivers the best-of-breed solutions these organizations require,” says Mario Messuri, General Manager of JAGGAER Italy.


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